The VICAM  was founded in 1994  in Franca - Brazil, state of Sao Paulo, city known worldwide as Footwear Capital.




Vicam was born producing footwear to the best brands in Brazil. After it start to direct, your product line to professionals footwear, so the company manufacturer differentiated footwear with modern design. Their models have characteristics of designer shoes, because Fashion, Comfort and Safety from the beginning are part of Vicam DNA.




It is a modern company, ceaselessly investing in advance technology and training of skilled labor.




It produces  100% internally composed from uppers, rubber soles , toecap, and others  components.  This allow greater quality control of the entire production process from the raw material to the final product.




Vicam offers quality products, produced with ethics and social environmental responsability.



3771, Tristão Dalmeida St - Franca, SP - 14.406-105 - Brazil

Phone: +55 (16) 3703-3240